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5 pack
Front of Bracelets

Bracelets galore!

New bracelets are done and ready to go!  These are the high quality 1/2″ band meant to fit youth and adults.   They are a great way to show awareness and support the Foundation without breaking the bank.

The Post Office doesn’t share our vision though 🙂 .  Each package we send, no matter if it has 1 bracelet or 5, are going to cost $3.50 + packaging. This is one of the things that took us so long to get this up.

If you purchase 1, the cost will be $6.  If you purchase 5, we can sell them for $10. That’s a great deal and you can share them with your family or friends.  Or you can keep them all to yourself! 🙂

*Choose how many bracelets you want:

  1 bracelet = $6

  5 bracelets = $10

*Go to the top of the page to the Donate button and click on it.  Pay with  PayPal or a credit card.  There is a box you need to check at the bottom of the form.   It asks for your name and address.  We need that to send these to you!

*If you forget to leave your name and address, simply email and send your info as well as the date you purchased them.

*If you are ordering from outside of the US, there is an extra $10 fee required for postage.

Thank you for supporting us and bringing awareness to this disease by wearing these bracelets!

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  1. I, also, was unable to figure out how to order the bracelets, so I clicked the Donate button, made a donation more than the cost of 5 bracelets plus shipping and added a note stating “I would like 5 of the awareness bracelets please!. Hope that works!

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